Charlie Chaplin says it better

Who knew such powerful words could come from such a comedian? I stumble upon this clip from time to time and today I thought of it again when I woke up to the news of a Trump victory.  I don’t need to add my two penneth into the debate, many have said it already and will continue to do so. But I do want to leave you with a great quote I came across from an author called Martha Beck ”we have no idea what the final outcome of any event may be…….Don’t catastrophize before there’s clear and present danger. Instead, look around the room. Feel your arms, your feet, your shoulders. Feel how gravity still works. Notice there are no monsters here, except perhaps the ones in your mind. You’re okay. Right now, you’re okay”

I also urge you  to watch this incredible speech written and given by Charlie Chaplin. In 1940 he starred in a comedy about a poor Jewish barber who is mistaken for a dictator of a similar appearance and takes his place. In his rejection of the position he ends up giving one of the most inspirational speeches ever recorded. Powerful stuff, taken from the film The Great Dictator.  What a brilliant man, what a timely reminder.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Just keep swimming…..


2 thoughts on “Charlie Chaplin says it better

    1. Yes it’s interesting to see it was made only one year into the war and although a powerful speech was actually part of a comedy film. Charlie Chaplin clearly had an enormous talent.


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