My Week in Pictures

What a great morning I’ve had.  I had the chance to sit in the audience while the delightful Cerys Matthews broadcast her radio show from Orkney library. She was really engaging and so interested in Orkney and all these islands had to offer.  There were interviews with a variety of Orkney people, storytellers, archaeologists and pre-recorded readings from Amy Liptrot’s book The Outrun.  Stewart Bain who runs the Twitter account for the Orkney Library spoke and we heard from author Ann Cleeves who has written 30 books in 30 years.  She was lovely to listen to and in full support of libraries and story telling.  We had live music from The Chair and Kris Drever and members of the audience read their favourite poems.  I hope haven’t forgotten anybody.


I sat next to my friend Mouse Magnet (long mouse catching capers story) and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. We both have a great face for radio.

Having fun and making noise at the library

At the end of the morning I was leaving and a young lady saif to me ‘you’re the norq!’ She has recently moved to Orkney and is working as a GP, but funnily enough had heard about the blog from a friend long before she even applied for the job. (I think my facts are right there.)  Anyway it was great to meet her and I love people who say hello when they’ve read the blog, and welcome to Orkney Durga.


In other news the weather has well and truly turned in Orkney and gloves and hars have been hoisted out of the cupboard.  I knew this day would come but I don’t enjoy it.  However, I’m trying to embrace the plus side of things like enjoying closing the curtains and lighting the fire.

The fire makes up for wintery weather.

I spent the day with Tech Support yesterday which was a rare treat. I love this boy (sorry to embarrass you son) it was good to spend time with him and have lunch out together.  He’s a quiet boy, doesn’t say much, but I suppose getting a word in edgeways can be tricky with me.


In spite of the weather I managed to snap this pearler of a picture.  The bay of Skaill bathed in sunlight in spite of Orkney blowing a hoolie and a big rain cloud over my head.  I took this from my garden with an iphone before running into the house to avoid getting wet.


Sunshine on a rainy day.

I hope you all have a great week.  Find something to celebrate or enjoy in spite of the dark nights, wind and the rain.  If you can’t think of anything  then get in touch with me and I’ll find something for you.  X



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