Scenes From a Winter Morning.

The temperature in Orkney has dropped considerably and I found myself having to clear a frozen windscreen this morning, which is a rare occurance here due to living so close to the sea.  Anywhere else I’ve lived I’ve had to scrape an icy window most days between November and February, or at least try and remember to plan ahead and cover it the night before.  My first car was a Ford Fiesta with dodgy battery points and I remember having to put a towel over the engine at night so I could start it in the morning.  Brrr those were the days….

Thankfully, a quick blast with the heater and the ice was away, but I had to drive canny and will have to be ready to leave for work ten minutes earlier from now until January.  I loath driving in Winter and it’s not even snowed yet!  But when I came over the brow of the hill and saw the glorious morning sunshine, and the roofs of houses peeping through the wintery mist, I forgave Orkney everything and fell in love with her all over again.


Houses peep through the mist.


Winter sunshine in Orkney





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