My Week in Pictures

Slipping Through My Fingers

The lyrics to the Abba song rang loud and clear this week as it was the long awaited graduation ceremony for my Miss Lashes.  It took place in Edinburgh and we traveled down there to attend the ceremony complete with kilts, hat boxes and all the garb that goes with a proud mother who wants to maximize embarrassing her kids. I was actually amazed at how emotional I was.  I used to cry at everything, almost daily.  Now I hardly ever cry, I was beginning to think I had a swinging brick for a heart.  But when I looked over the balcony and saw her sitting there waiting for the thing she has wanted so much for her entire life I cried.


Front row, left hand side, fourth one in. 


I cried through the ceremony and then at the end when the graduates were asked to turn around and thank their family and supporters and she looked up at me and raised her hands above her head and clapped I cried buckets. Because a lifetime of parenting was summed up in that thirty seconds and I was so happy for her.

Looking up and saying thank you

There were lots and lots of smiles too and even the eternal downpour didn’t dampen our spirits.  I used an umbrella for the first time in 9 years.  (they blow inside out in Orkney, no one uses them)

FullSizeRender 63
Keeping my hat dry

We took gazillion photos


FullSizeRender 64
Brother and sister walk along together



Lots of smiles

Even some cheeky ones…




4 years of uni work over.  Cheers!

and I think this is my favourite one of all.  A candid shot taken just after the theological girls had finished hours of posing.  It really was a lovely, lovely day.


Miss Lashes with seemingly one leg


The rest of the week has been criminally busy, so much so I have nothing to show for it in terms of pictures.  Hopefully this coming week won’t be so crazy.  Sometimes I think I need to move to a remote Scottish Island, but then I remember I already did that…..








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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these lovely photos with us. We are so happy for your family. It brings back our own happy memories, too.

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