My Week In Pictures – Dec The Halls (and the dog)

6 more working days to go and I get a break, not that I’m counting.  It’s just life is so BUSY this time of year and I’m well in need of a rest.  But that’s enough about me, here’s a picture of the dog helping us decorate our tree and wishing she had different owners.


oh do please calm down, shes absolutely fine and LOVES being part of the annual ritual of activating Christmas by posing for photos in antlers or a hat.

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling hugely festive, then my colleague invited me to her office corridor where there was a competition going on.  It was an amazing effort! and lots of recycled materials used to create some brilliant doors and offices.

Can you spot me?

My birthday was this week too and although I was working I still managed to find time for cake and champagne.


It turns out drinking the champagne and being late out the next morning could possibly have saved me from a very different outcome.  Here is a photo of my neighbour’s car after he was hit at the same junction I use every morning and round about the same time as he was hit.  (usually).

Photos used with permission

The driver of this vehicle is miraculously ok and came away with cuts and bruises but it doesn’t take me to tell you that a split second later and he could have been killed. The car was spun around with such force that when they unpacked his lunch later, the banana had liquidized.  On this particular morning, I had decided to miss the gym and just go swimming.  So I was late leaving the house.  As I drive to the junction (it was still dark)  I could see lots of blue flashing lights and thought someone had their Christmas lights on early in the morning.  It was only as I approached I realised it was an accident.  I text my family to say if they heard of a serious road accident at the junction then it wasn’t me.  I feel sick when I see the photos and hugely relieved that the driver was ok. Orkney Beef uses the same junction, and as we spoke about it that evening he said we should give thanks that no one was seriously hurt and it wasn’t us in our cars.  The driver’s wife gave permission for the phots to be used to serve as a reminder for drivers to be more careful.

Last Week I spoke about doing  49 new things before I’m 50 (the clock is officially ticking!) I started things off by doing Second a Day.  This records a second of each day and allows me to capture a record of moments from the special to the mundane. Whatever I record over the coming year, I hope I don’t forget to sparkle. (day two)


The weather this weekend has been hideous.  Wind and rain that seemed relentless.  My response to whinging about how busy I am was to light the fire watch an old film and do a jigsaw.  Sometimes procrastination is good for the soul.  I managed to drag myself off the couch for our work Christmas meal out.  I made the mistake of taking a selfie with two valuable members of the team who also made me feel middle-aged when I looked at the photo. Note to self, – botox wrinkly forehead or something.

IMG_2369 2
life with these two is an education.

In other news, I’ve been doing really well on breaking my habit of buying chocolate. I think I’m around 80+ days without having bought a chocolate bar, but full disclosure,  someone brought Quality Street to the office, and the strawberry creams are proving problematic.

Have a great week everyone, love Miss Wrinkly Forehead from Ork.


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