My Week In Pictures – Wild Swimming Addiction

I realize I’m fast becoming a bore and I should expect a mass unfollowing because all I do is bang on about cold water swimming. But readers, I’M NOT SORRY! I’m having the best time ever and have transitioned from ‘do it for a dare’ to ‘I’m hooked, I’m obsessed and finally reaching I’m addicted’ I’ve been 5 times this week and twice in one day today. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that there will be permanently drying neoprene swimwear draped over clothes horses for the foreseeable future and I need to manage my urge to pull over the car and swim at every given opportunity. I can hear The Mothership rolling her eyes as she reads this. She thinks I’m crazy, along with many other people.  But there’s a steady growing number of people wanting to join in and this week has seen four newbies ask to come along.  There’s a great social side to cold water swimming and I am so thankful to the Orkney Polar Bears for making me so welcome and encouraging everyone along.

A sunset swim at Scapa
IMG_0920 2
Sunrise at Skaill

The beautiful golden sands and turquoise waters of Evie is fast becoming my favourite spot.  The water is so clear but jolly cold!

I’m standing in the sea here!


Yesterday’s swim was very atmospheric.  Low clouds and cold clear waters.  I’m glad of a heavy DryRobe once out the water.  The wind chill is brrrr!


Atmospheric, calm and cold!

Shout out to the new recruits.



All smiles, before going in and when getting out

I’ve been a busy bee this week traveling by air and boat as I compressed my working week in to four days. I managed to see Orkney from the air, and visiting one of the other smaller islands, is a place where seals love to frequent.  it’s quite dark in this picture but trust me, I counted 27 and that was just a quick round up!

Camouflaged seals resting among the seaweed
Coming in to land back in Orkney

My beloved snowdrops are out in their masses at the moment, filling me with hope and renewed joy as they signal the beginning of the end of winter.

IMG_0844 3

We had Orkney Beef’s grandchildren come to stay this weekend.  Peedie Meatball always asks for pancakes and I always oblige.  I may end up being renamed Granny Pancake….

IMG_0973 2

I will try to find other things to talk about other than wild swimming.  But don’t hold your breath….

Have a great week everyone.


6 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Wild Swimming Addiction

  1. I just got around to reading this one – maybe to sate my Orkney / wild swimming withdrawal! This post had lots of little bundles of joy in it, thank you for sharing them 🙂

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