My Week In Pictures – Swimming, Calving, Shelving.

After over 12 months Orkney Beef has finally put the long-awaited shelves up. And by put the shelves up I mean he tagged me in a for sale post on Facebook where a cabinet was posted that would fit neatly in to the space where the shelves should have gone, and I messaged the seller and arranged to view it and measured the space and took the cash out and messaged about collecting it and he went and picked it up with his son and put it in the place where the shelves never made it and now he’s rather pleased with himself. Anyway, the ‘shelves’ are now up and it was worth the wait, I am super happy. 

My new second hand not shelf shelves

I’ve been working my way through a list of new experiences before I reach 50. So when I received a text from my friend saying ‘coo calving’ I abandoned the house, told Tech Support to finish making tea, send my husband a quick text and raced round to her farm.  Last night I saw my first ever calf being born and it was magical.  I was amazed and how calm the cow was, I’m told this is because of her need to protect herself from predators at such a vulnerable time.  She didn’t make a sound! Before long, and with a little assistance from the farmer, a peddie calf was born.  This is the adorable Sarah Norq.  And also a calf 😉

5 minutes old
IMG_2934 2
Mother and daughter selfie

Sea swimming is going well. Sometimes with company and occasionally alone. Friday after work was special, as there was a real sunshine spirit. Look at how quickly we raced into the water.



One of the many beautiful spots I have swum this week


And one of the many beautiful people I have swum with.  Ally was a first time this weekend and we managed 20 minutes in the cold waters of Evie.  This morning at Tingwall felt much colder and we had 10 minutes, but all good fun and worth the effort.  There are so many benefits to cold water swimming one of them is soft skin, and another is a much needed hot chocolate at the end. 😉


Tech Support had a birthday this week and was given a shop bought cake with not enough candles.  Gone are the days where I had time to make cakes shaped like rockets.  Also gone are the days of feeling guilty about it.  I’m doing my best, I’ve always done my best, and they all survive. A cake is just a cake, and it all goes down the same way.


Orkney has reached the time of year where it cannot decide if it’s still Winter or Spring. Sometimes the days seem longer and I am full of confidence that things are warming up.  Today it was a cold, wind that really seemed to bite and I couldn’t wait to get home and light the fire. The daffodils which line the roads and herald Spring are starting to go over.  This beautiful field is a couple of miles from my home and always alive with daffodils at springtime.  The passage of time can only mean one thing, betters days MUST be coming!




7 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures – Swimming, Calving, Shelving.

  1. The cupboard was an excellent choice, it is lovely. The cake was a good choice, too, as the chocolate curls are enticing. I admire you for the sea swimming. Cheers!

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