My week in pictures


We enjoyed having Miss Lashes home from uni for a couple of weeks but she is now back to her student life.   Sadly she had another anaphylaxis after eating strawberries so had another trip to hospital, the previous one being only 6 weeks ago.  She manages to keep incredibly calm though and we are very grateful that something so serious is also very treatable and she responds to treatment given.  Here she is bonding with a turtle at  Stromness museum which we visited Friday. As far as we know she’s not allergic to turtles so kissing them is currently safe.


The not yet three month old blog hit an exciting 10,000 hits this week.  I was keeping an eye out when it drew close and screen grabbed at the 9,999 point ready to grab the big change. It then stuck at that for several hours.  When I next refreshed the page I had overshot the 10K mark so the moment was gone. Gah! Never mind it’s all good.

The weather went from snow to sunshine and back to snow in an ever changing undecided way. In Orkney you really can experience four seasons in one day.  However much of the time it feels like three of those seasons are winter and only one of them spring.  I know I’m sounding negative and that’s  not really my style but I have gardening to be getting on with so please just let me whinge a while….thanks.

The weekend involved much eating with friends on Friday.  A great night but I was driving so didn’t drink. It didn’t matter though as in the words of Jonathon Ross ‘I’m loud and irritating enough when I’m sober’ Saturday was a different story though as I was invited to a gin tasting evening with the lovely Alison Moore pictured with me on the left. The entertainment was The Polka Dots a local and very talented band and pictured on the right is the equally lovely Gillian Morrison who is one of the ‘dots’  Sandwiched in between the photos of us is a gin and lemonade.  I had gone thinking it was going to be tiny tasters of the  gins but it ended up being a generous pour of each one.  I’m not a very seasoned drinker and by the time we got to gin trial number six (but it felt like 43 in dog years) I had to say no. The whole thing seemed like a good idea at the time……

Pin the tail

The week finished with a four year olds birthday party and a game of pass the parcel and pin the tail on the dinosaur. I think the quote of the week should go to a peedie 3 year old as she sat down to eat. ‘I love cake’ she said.  Don’t we all lass!


Have a great week everyone. X


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