Victoria Wood remembered.

‘Go on, say something funny’

That was said to me by a blog reader today when they bumped into me, and reminds me again how we love for people to make us laugh. One of the women that has been able to do that over and over again for me is Victoria Wood. She was the comedienne of my childhood, teenage and early adult life.  A funny, funny woman with an exceptional talent who I never tire of watching.  I saw her live at the theatre in Oxford and can still remember now laughing until I hurt. I listened to endless ‘cassettes’ of hers whilst driving and had  her DVDs before the invention of You Tube. I’ve always been a huge fan.

‘Come and melt the buttons on my flame-proof nightie’  Brilliant stuff.

Good bye Victoria and thank you for your comic genius and timing.  Thank you for making me laugh over and over again.  You will be remembered for a very long time. Rest in peace.

It’s hard to pick a favourite sketch of hers as there are so many.  I’ve done many an impersonation of the famous Two Soups sketch so opted for this. Comedy gold.


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