My Week in Pictures


This week I spent an almost three hour session in the Apple store. Brilliant staff helped set me up with some new products I had bought with a business grant I’d been awarded through Business Gateway. A few weeks ago I wrote a business plan and submitted it with my application and when I had the email to say it had been accepted I had a little cry. If you’d have told me six months ago that I would write a business plan by myself I would never have believed it; and I felt it a real validation of what I’m doing. It’s giant oaks from tiny acorns stuff. I know I say this repeatedly but never give up, as you really don’t know how far away you are from what you are wanting to achieve.

After making my purchases we took a train through to Edinburgh where we had a lovely couple of days being tourists and visited a fascinating place called Mary King’s Close. Housing now under ground where families lived during the time of the plague with grim living conditions. We had a great tour guide for the visit and I would definitely recommend this as a place to go if you’re visiting Edinburgh.

Underground, dark but completely fascinating.

We also had a visit to the top of Camera Obscura where I managed to take a photo from one of the highest points in Edinburgh without dropping my new phone!


Lots of sight seeing, street performers, book shops, writers museums and the cafe where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. Edinburgh is s steeped in History and the buildings are incredible.  When I get my big break I’ll buy a second property here and come for longer visits.(Dreaming big)

On Saturday Orkney Beef and Tech Support took part in the Gung-Ho fun run on the meadows in Edinburgh.  5K, 10 inflatables, lots of foam and great fun was had by all.  Well done to both of them.

A meal out and cocktails finished off the time together before we head back up the road to Orkney today. I hope your week has been good, and you have another great one ahead.  I will be spending it learning how to use an apple laptop as it’s currently like a different language!  Bear with me folks, I may have to use my own advice and never give up.

Miss Lashes and Orkney Beef sipping cocktails

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