My week in Pictures

Earlier in the week we took a drive out to Evie to see a stove we were hoping to buy.  For years a kitchen stove has been on my wish list and we are delighted that this is going to be ours in the next few weeks.  As always Orkney Beef is the practical one and talks about dust and the work of keeping a multifuel stove going.  I’m the romantic dreamer and am willing to put the work in. Come the winter when we havea lovely warm kitchen and a kettle always on the go, neither of us will say I told you so. To be continued….

One of my life goals sitting right there.

Great views from the house too including this one where you can see Westray across the waters. Orkney Beef has creeled in these waters before and when it’s been a lot rougher. I still think he walks like he’s permanently trying to stablize himself on a boat even on dry land.  It comes from years of being at sea.

Westray across the waters

Friday saw the birthday of ‘MyfriendFiona’ I won’t give away her age but I can tell you she likes gin and is rather proud of me getting a taste for it.  Perserverence won through.  I had my first ever taste of a traditional Orkney pudding called ‘Clootie Dumpling’ or ‘Duff’ as it’s also known. It’s a fruit pudding steamed in a ‘cloot’ or cloth. I also found the  lucky coin in mine.

As I type, Orkney is covered in mist but the drive home late on Friday told a different story. The skies made for some great silhouettes. Orkney Beef is growing quite used to pulling over so I can whip out my phone and take some pics.  Sometimes he drives away while I’m snapping, just for the fun of it. The jester *insert frowny face*

Bay of Skaill
Beautiful skies and silhouettes
A windmill stands against the late night skies
Midnight sky. The viw from my house

We finished up the weekend with a visit to our local for our lunch.  The Orkney Brewery. A former school, it’s now a restaurant with great food and local beers.  You can even have a tour of the brewery. Here’s Orkney Beef sampling three different beers.

Orkney Beef

There are loads of interesting things to look at in there and it’s really well designed with a shop and many pictures and pieces from the school days.  Including this leaving certificate from 1935.  “Keep body, mind, and heart pure as a good soldier of Christ.  Do nothing that will sap your strength-smoking in the youth stunts the body and clouds the mind.  Beware of strong drink-it is the deadly enemy of health and efficiency……with a good character, a sound mind….and an honourable ambition you will deserve success, and, by God’s grace, we trust you will attain it” Lovely!

Once a school, now a brewery and restaurant. I wonder if the headmaster would’ve approved?

Have a great week everyone, and thank you for reading.



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