A blog about a dog

  • I’ve been struggling a bit with what’s known in the trade as writer’s block.  Or in my case bloggers block which  I happened to mention online yesterday.
  • “Have you got a dog?” said Liz the knitter from Twitter “Dog pictures can fill almost any gap. I know”
  • Well it just so happens we do have a dog.
  • When Orkney Beef and I married 5 years ago we decided we had enough children between us and decided a dog would be the safer option. They are less hassle in the long run and don’t answer back.  She’s called Hope and completely lives up to her name. She is always living in the hope that someone will give her a morsel of food, some fuss and attention, or a W. A .L .K .
  • Tech Support chose to call her Hope when we went to collect her and we had no knowledge of how she was going to turn out personality wise but she really did grow into her name.  I’ve always believed names are important and the meanings of them fascinate me. Labelling someone in a positive or negative light can affect greatly the outcome.  For instance calling someone stupid can often cause people to think they are. Sarah on the other hand means princess *coughs regally and checks crown*
  • Anyway I digress; back to the dog called Hope.
  • IMG_20150916_075559
    Hope hoping for sunshine

Hope has taught us a few things

  1.  We can be happy with a lot less.

I’ve never actually known my dog be anything other than happy, provided she has a ball, a handful of the same biscuits every night, some love and attention and a trip to the beach.

Orkney Beef throwing a ball for the millionth time


2.  Things look better after a nap



3.  Never leave food out in the kitchen..


4. and sometimes rules are meant to be broken, (like no begging)

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

She’s certainly bought us a lot of joy and laughter over the years and we hope for many more to come.




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