My Week in Pictures

This week has to be marked by the week of two weathers.  Last Saturday the weather was beautiful.  I was up at 5am to drop Tech Support off at the boat and took this wee video clip from my garden.  It’s only a few seconds but well worth a look!

By Monday there was gale force winds, the boats were cancelled, gardens were decimated and it felt like Winter. The film above was taken in my garden on Saturday and the film below was taken just over 48 hours later on the Monday.

The alternating weather continued and these two photos were taken just 24 hours apart.  Unfortunately the one on the right as taken on ‘show day’  The West Mainland Show is a big deal in Orkney and only a few miles away from where I live.  There are competitions for the best of growers, bakers and crafters as well as farmers showing their livestock, fairground rides and many stalls.  I went down for a couple of hours and trudged around in the rain and mud as people bravely made the best of things in spite of the weather.  The show must go on….

We also had a visit from my friend and new puppy Molly.  I’d forgotten how much work goes into having a puppy and all attempts to photograph the ball of energy  proved futile until she photobombed one while I was taking a pic of my dog.  It had us in hysterics. She’s a going to go far this one.  I think my pal has her work cut out. 😉

Hope and Molly

Tech Support went away this week to Soul Survivor a church youth event which involved camping in the rain. Shout out to all the leaders that braved the hideous conditions to take the youth group away.  I really laughed when this pic was sent to me; one of the youth leaders couldn’t let the moment pass when she saw the sign, and well done to her as my son hates having his photo taken.   Also well done to Tech Support for getting an A in Music Tech.  Glad you lived up to your blog name 😉

FullSizeRender 3
Tech Support and Tech Support

Lastly, we are just back from a brilliant evening’s entertainment at The Orkney Brewery.  We live a million miles away from anywhere except the Brewery which makes local beer in what was once a school, and has a restaurant too.  This evening was a music night with the super talented Elliott Morris. (Sorry about the pic quality) It makes a change to be able to go to something and walk home.

FullSizeRender 3
Elliott Morris

Quote of the week was from a friend when discussing hats.  I was admiring her wedding outfit and hat and she said ‘I’m making the most of  a hat without ear flaps’ It’s true, most hats in Orkney you need to tie under the chin just to make them stay on; and that’s just in the summer. Maybe this coming week will be kinder to us weatherwise.


Have a great week folks!




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