Tuesday Top 10: Simple Pleasures

In no particular order, and without much planning or forethought; here are ten simple pleasures which bring me great joy. Don’t judge me, it won’t make me stop.

  1. Pegging out. (not dying, the washing kind) I think I’ve mentioned this before but what the heck; I’ll take a risk and repeat myself.  If everyone pegged out on a regular basis the world would be a happier kinder place.  On days when you peg out then have to run back out after ten minutes to reclaim it from the rain or from blowing away however has the reverse effect.  It’s a fine balance.
  2. Marmite on toast.  #sorrynotsorry
  3. Pottering.  The simple act of being home alone and just doing this and that.
  4. Clean sheets on the bed. Especially if they’ve been on the line. If I was a wealthy woman I would pay to have someone put clean cotton sheets on the bed every night for me.
  5. A cosy afternoon by the fire with a good book and nothing else to do.
  6. Walking on the beach.
  7. Flicking through the new Lakeland catalogue. (I said don’t judge me, I know it’s sad, I also don’t care)
  8. Crocheting; I taught myself from You Tube a couple of winters ago and it makes winter more bearable.
  9. Call the Midwife on a winter Sunday evening.  It makes the stopping of Dancing on Ice just about forgivable.
  10. Making lists. See How to organise your lists for free

So that’s mine.  What are yours?



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