Throwback Thursday: Old snapshots.

They say every picture tells a story and this one certainly does. It surfaced in our family a few months ago and it’s of my nan and grandad sharing a cheeky kiss outside their local (The Gladstone) in Birmingham. We’re not entirely sure when it was taken but possibly just before my grandad went to Dunkirk or just after he came back. He was given a new uniform on his return after standing for hours in the sea….

Much water went under the bridge after this photo was taken. Many stories I know, many go to the grave along with each person that died. I do know my grandad, like many others, came back a changed man after Dunkirk. Of these young men who survived physically, emotionally they made huge sacrifices as the saw the many horrors of war.

But regardless of what went on before and after; for this picture, a snap shot of hopes and dreams, for one second in time; you could almost imagine the monstrosity of it all didn’t really happen.

Nan and Grandad outside their local in Birmingham

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