One man and his shed(s)

What is it with men and sheds? A friend of ours gave Orkney Beef a little wooden sign today because of his love of sheds. Then this evening I discovered him sitting watching ‘shed of the year’ on TV.  I kid you not!

Sheds feature high on the agenda in our life. We have a shed shed, a garage shed, a half built sometime to be finished summer house shed…(which will be my writing room if I can stop Orkney Beef from claiming it as another shed.) And to top it off he often talks about building a decent garage in the garden, aka another shed.  *groan*

Just the other day he was telling me of these plans for his next shed when I reminded him we needed to finish decorating the sitting room first.  Also the hall, bedroom, bathroom and fit the kitchen stove before we can contemplate another shed.  Oh and the shelves need putting up in the hall cupboard and blah, blah, blah…… Maybe when all this is completed (plus the new conservatory I’d like) then his full shed dreams can be realised. Until then he’ll just have to settle for the three he’s got.  Poor man.

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