The Benefits of Drinking Water (and struggles)

I did it!  I finished my ten day water-only challenge and survived, all be it with some heartbreaking moments. For those of you who hadn’t heard my whinging prior to this where were you?

To raise money for the RNLI I took part in a challenge to drink only water as my drinks for ten days. I thought quite carefully before I started it as I love a cup of tea. When I married Orkney Beef, one of the things I looked forward to the most was him bringing me a cuppa in the morning.  I remember him walking in the house with my birthday present one year and when I saw the shop it had been bought from I thought Oh dear God please don’t let that be  bread maker. If it had been he might as well put it straight in the loft and cut out the middle man as I certainly wasn’t going to use it.  Anyway, it turned out to be a teasmaid, an updated version of the old things we used in the 70’s which was a blesséd relief, so my morning tea guzzling could continue.

My morning cuppa

There were times when drinking only water was a real struggle for two main reasons which were.

  1. Habit. For instance, I always have a cuppa in the morning as I just said and I always have one after tea. So finding a way through that was tough.
  2. Don’t touch the red button…Nothing makes you want to press the red button more than being told you can’t.  And nothing makes you want a cheeky gin than the fact you can’t have one.  I’m an occasional drinker, it’s not unusual for me to go weeks, even months without an alcoholic drink.  However, as soon as it was out of the question I really wanted a glass of the old mother’s ruin!

There also a couple of heartbreaking incidents.  The first one was when I bought a bottle of fizzy water that was flavoured.  Orkney Beef told me that was cheating and I was only allowed tap water. Reluctantly I agreed and went to put it away until it was finished and the cheeky buffer opened it and DRANK IT IN FRONT OF ME!! *rage*

The second one was when a colleague made me a cuppa at work and set it down in front of me without realising.  I explained what I was doing and he quickly removed it and made me a hot water instead but I honestly nearly cried when he tipped it away.  In fact, I can honestly say that was the hardest one of the whole exercise to give up. It was a rough morning anyway as I was also force-fed a melt in the mouth home made meringue, baked in heaven by another colleague too. I tried to turn it down but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Imagine how difficult it was for me readers!

Anyway after 10 days and a bonus extra day I could definitely feel the benefit.  I hope to keep up my water drinking at and drink more of it daily, but I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed being back on the tea again and celebrated with friends in the evening too.  Cheers!


There’s still time to sponsor me if you’d like to.  The page is staying open for a while yet.  An enormous thank you to everyone who sponsored me and cheered me on. I’ll raise a glass to you.

My just giving page can be found here







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