My Week in Pictures

Rainbows through the rain

I drove home through the biggest shower of rain on Monday but arrived home to look back on where I’d driven to see a rainbow in the clouds.  I’m a big fan of rainbows and they are a regular sight in Orkney skies.

Rainbows through the rain

To the left of the above view is another of sunshine behind clouds and you can see birds in flight.


To the right of the rainbow view stands old stone houses with stunning Orkney clouds and a calm sea.IMG_5207.JPG

A dog walk and new friendship

Tuesday was another corker of a day for October and I went for a long walk with a friend who is fairly new to Orkney having married and moved here from New York.  We walked somewhere in the region of five miles and took in the beautiful views of Stromness. We saw several seals bobbing their shiny heads above the cold October waters but you’ll have to take my word for it, they don’t pose much for photographs.

Stromness taken from Ness Point

Even the cemetery is in a stunning location, but I can assure you standing at a graveside for a funeral in winter the wind is raw.  Still, it’s a beautiful place and as someone once said to me ‘a view to die for.

IMG_7691 2.JPG
Stromness cemetery
Views and clouds over Stromness

Blog Stats

Tuesday evening I happened to spot the view count as it reached a neat and tidy 36,000 views. I was delighted! Later in the week I tipped the 1000 followers mark. I really appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read the blog, like, comment and share it to your pages.  If you would like regular updates then please free to click the follow button or sign up to read the blog via your email.  I know many of you do. *waves*  A big thank you to everyone reading and supporting the blog.

Camera Shy

I’ve been asked to do a little promo video about the blog and the help I’ve received from Emergents, a company that supports creative people in the highlands and islands.  I have a great face for blogging and so after spending about two hours on the beach in order to film about 3 minutes  of myself I ended up coming  away with this clip, the only bit I’m happy with.

Friendship and Food

I had a lovely catch up with a very dear friend of mine on Saturday. Time spent with her is always precious and too short.  Then I had a cinema visit last night followed by Prosecco and Strictly and then went for afternoon tea today.  Great conversation with everyone and not bad for one weekend but if anyone sees my slimming club leader could you please not tell her!



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