How to Entertain a Four Year Old

Orkney Beef has a beautiful little granddaughter who we’ll call Peedie Meatball (well she is a miniature Orkney Beef!) She is engaging, ALWAYS smiling and we absolutely adore her.  We had her for the day today and whilst I stupidly thought we may run out of things to do, as usual it was quite the opposite and she didn’t want to go home.

Between us, Orkney Beef and I have five children, so when we married five years ago we agreed that five was plenty and we would get a dog.  (Easier to manage and no teenage back chat)  However, while I consider myself far too young to look like  be a granny, being a step-granny is great! You get all the joy of being around a little one and seeing their zest for life, and then you get to hand them back at the end of the day.  It’s a win, win.

Peedie Meatball is a ball of energy like all four year olds, and completely inquisitive.  We once took her to the beach and she stopped to pick up every shell.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  ‘Here you are granny Sarah‘ she said as she handed me the zillionth shell.  How wonderful to appreciate the small beauties and make each one count. A day at the beach with a child is a day well spent.

Orkney Beef and Peedie Meatball

Today we discovered…….

  • That feeding the hens is not a chore but an opportunity to be excited, squeal and laugh and talk to them.
  • Collecting and counting four eggs is a major achievement,  (she was so proud of them I wondered if she’s laid them herself.)
  • Washing playmobile in the sink and playing with bubbles is great fun. ‘can I wash the toys in the sink every time I come here Granny Sarah?’ 
  • Nothing beats a bit of baking, unless of course it’s eating your wares.
Peedie Meatball helping to bake cakes
  •  Granny Sarah’s new apron fits perfectly if you truss it up the back and tie it round the middle a few times.
Always smiling
  • When you tell her what a good well behaved girl she is she says ‘yes and Santa is watching’ 
  • Four year olds are great multitaskers.  This one can work a balance bike and talk non-stop, possibly for several hours.
Multitasking, it’s as easy as riding a bike
  • It is perfectly acceptable to push your bike up the hill (because grandad might be tired) so long as you keep smiling.
‘If you’re tired Grandad you can just do this’
  • There are no limits to the number of times you can press the paw of a cuddly pig to activate it singing ‘I got you babe’
  • No limits.
  • No really, there are none.
  • Some batteries really do go on for ever. (See above)


  • There is only one way to eat red liquorice lacers when with Grandad. (Although she had a trick or two up her sleeve to make sure she got the lion’s share)
The best way to eat them!

This list is by no means exhaustive.  We also managed to squeeze in playing shops, playing teachers, dressing up the dog and much more.  So it’s not so much how we can entertain a four year year old, it’s more like how can a four year old entertain us!

Thank you for a super day Peedie Meatball, we love you lots like jelly tots. x

(and come back soon!)


3 thoughts on “How to Entertain a Four Year Old

  1. Wow Sarah she is a DARLING! I am blessed to have 3 of my own 7, 6 and 3 and I try to remind myself everyday to stop and watch how they enjoy life with such joy….the garden snails eating my plants, puddles in the drive and helping me cook supper…..simple things we would all take time to appreciate through the eyes of a child…..we are bleased. Tell OB his PB is a beauty! From all of us in SA

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    1. Hi Nicola, she certainly is a wee darling. You are quite right, they engage with every part of life and it’s a joy to see. We could learn so much from being around children. Hello to all your lovelies in SA x


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