Happy Birthday to Miss Lashes

23 years ago today I woke up at 2am in excruciating pain.  My baby was 9 days overdue and about to make an entrance, (or is that exit?)  and I can still remember waking up to that first contraction clearly. She was my first born and I had no idea what was about to happen both in the immediate sense and for the next 20 years but 8 hours later (we’ll gloss over the details) and I was holding Miss Lashes in my arms. I named her Katie Beth and she was beautiful. Judging by her baby book it seems her first day home from hospital was a prediction of what was to come.


Miss Lashes has always enjoyed dress up and makeup.  I remember buying her a pair of trousers when she was two and she lay  face down on the floor and cried.  ‘it doesn’t spin round’ she sobbed.

As well as being permanently camera ready and firmly believing you can never be overdressed, she has always been incredibly studious and a little on the dramatic side. She once had a book confiscated in school for reading it in class.  The teacher who took it from her (I know is reading this as she contacted me recently!) had a rather untidy classroom.  She came home crying, told me what had happened with Gone With the Wind type expression then said ‘and now I’ll never see that book again!’  She’d been tracking it round the classroom until it disappeared under a pile.  I think she went and retrieved it before it disappeared into oblivion but the teacher and I found it very funny at the time.

Being a lover of false lashes, fashion and makeup, without a doubt one of the most distressing times of her life was when she had to be a shepherd in the school nativity play and have a painted on beard.  This is raised every year and no amount of being Mary in the following play could ever make up for being made to dress like a boy and wear a beard.

I remember going to a parents evening when she went to a secondary school that was very strict on uniform. She was a straight A student and always has been, but one teacher suggested it might be good if she could wear a little less eye makeup.  ‘She wears so much mascara I fear she won’t be able to open her eyes soon’

She is clever, bright, emotional, beautiful, determined, dramatic, creative,  a stunning artist and has a beautiful singing voice.  She loves fairy tales, museums, books, music and so much more. We love her dearly.  We are also delighted at the arrival of NotPhil in her life who in our opinion is perfect for her and we now have someone to palm her off onto  who makes her very happy.  Welcome to the family NotPhil.


Happy Birthday Miss Lashes.  We love you. Always remember to make good choices and don’t follow the crumbs to the gingerbread house.  xxx


The Beautiful Miss Lashes




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