Gaining and hour and losing a week.

The time of year has come round again when the clocks go back.  I’ve had 46 years of this so I know the drill.  We gain an extra hour, but the rest of my life disappears down a vortex to pay for it. I wake up not knowing if it’s 8am, 7am, Sunday, July or Christmas.  For the sake of one hour, my body clock is thrown totally off-kilter for days not to mention spending the whole of Sunday in a state of confusion. I wake up never remembering if the phone has reset itself, or if I can manage  six months worth of cooking without having to bother changing the oven timer.  I then spend the whole day looking at the time and thinking this time yesterday it was ….

 The clock on the car won’t be reset for months, one of us will eventually do the sitting room clock, the dog won’t understand why she’s not being fed until 6pm when her stomach told her it was 6pm at 5pm but now it’s 7pm but we are all major confused; and I will absolutely guaranteed comment on how dark it is so early.

To top it off I will be so tired, that I’ll turn up to work on Monday (Halloween) and colleagues will think I’ve come as the grim reaper or something….. but that’s just my face.

Good luck guys!






6 thoughts on “Gaining and hour and losing a week.

  1. Read this aloud to Anna and we laughed together, we could imagine you saying it followed by your laugh! I’m just the same as you and find it all very confusing when we ‘Fall back’ or Spring forward’. Justin Grounds father used to insist on not changing the clock for a week if they changed at the beginning of half term. As I’m typing Anna is painting two wooden large champagne boxes (distressed look she says) to fix on the wall for hats/scarves etc. She looks great wearing my painting overalls which can’t zip up over her ever growing bump! Bobby boy is home and feeling so much better. Oodles of love xxxx


  2. Was feeling cock-a hoop after changing bedroom clock last night – kitchen one too high….and being bang on time for Andrew Marr this am. After lunch snack, thought ‘better get out while it’s light, went round ‘Point’, rested on Golf Course bench thinking, It’ll soon be dark – dark enough already with that cloud cover – and that’s winter , blow me, it’s been a darned short day. I dragged home in the confusion you so entertainingly describe until it occurred to me that I had before going out put my watch FORWARD. So I’ve still got some day left, have I…. X


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