My Week in Pictures

I’m not sure about where you live, but in Orkney the weather has been really fantastic through September and October, but it definitely took a more Autumnal turn this week.  I still managed to see some great skies though as dark clouds can be just as exciting.  I caught this double rainbow on Monday morning. It was spectacular, you had to be there.


Rainbows in Orkney

The sun continued to shine early in the week.



Looking over Stromness

But harsh winds arrived making white horses in the bay of my local beach.



Bay of Skaill, Orkney

Driving to work yesterday I was greeted by this little hold up. Those of you who have read this blog for a long time will know it’s not my favourite thing to be up close to kye but I at least feel a bit happier behind the wheel of a car.  I pulled over while they made their way up the road and smiled at the joy of country life. In another part of Orkney there are some free range chickens that wander back and forth across the road and you regularly have to slow down for them.  I don’t usually have time to ask them why….


Orkney rush hour


Church this morning was our harvest thanksgiving and a very special and moving time. Whether you have a faith or not I’m sure having an attitude of gratitude is a healthy place to be. Finding things to be thankful for is important and I’m thankful for my church family and friends and very much more. This is the church we attend, taken from down the steps.  It used to be called the North Kirk years ago.  It is now the town hall but our church meets there on a Sunday and it’s where I put the ball and chain on Orkney Beef and I tied the knot.

The Town Hall in Stromness

Even though it was dark earlier today due to the time change, we still saw some beautiful skies from the top of Wideford Hill. Today the seas were flat calm and the air very still.


Kirkwall from Wideford Hill in Orkney


 Flat calm seas and oil rigs in Scapa Flow Orkney

Love is having your blog name made into a penguin book cover and printed on a mug. One of the highlights of my week was being given this by a friend at church today. A sign of things to come?  I jolly well hope so and I absolutely love it.





Have a great week everyone and (get well soon BB!)




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