The Attitude Smorgasbord: Sarah Norquoy

I first met author Lorraine Thomson a year ago at a writers’ event happening in Orkney. She had come up to encourage other writers and share tips, and we got talking at a networking event later on. I always remember her saying ‘just say yes to everything’, so when she asked me to do an interview for her website, of course, it was a big fat yes. You can read it here, and also have a look at Lorraine’s website and work. It was great fun to do and I hope to hook up with Lorraine again in the future. Cheers for the invite Lorraine, and keep saying yes.

thrillers with attitude

From May to December 2015, I delved into the lives of 21 writers, finding out what made them tick, who would play them in a film of their lives and what advice they would give to their young selves. Now the Smorgasbord is back, rebooted and raring to go, with a fresh batch of writers lined up for the next seven weeks.

First up is Sarah Norquoy. I met Sarah in 2016 when I was invited to Stromness in Orkney, to give a talk at an Emergents workshop. I was working on the final draft of Boiling Point, and Sarah was experiencing extraordinary success with her blog, Norq from Ork.


Hi Sarah, Norq from Ork, has been incredibly successful. Why do you think it has struck such a chord with readers?

Thank you very much! I think it’s because I write about every day things in a…

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