My Week In Pictures – Slow News Week

How do you make a week of mundane nothingness sound interesting?  I mean honestly, I have nothing to tell you. By Tuesday evening I was in bed at 8pm with a stonker of a headache and slept through until about midday the next day and on Wednesday evening the door of the washing machine came off. Miss Lashes asked ‘is it still usable?’ making me wonder where I went so wrong, that a 25-year-old daughter could ask such a question when the door is sitting on the floor next to the machine.  No, the machine is not useable.  So I had to cart my washing over to to The Mothership’s to do it.  (sorry Mothership, thank you Mothership)

So how do you express all that in pictures?  Well, I guess my desk calendar had a sense of foreboding of how the week was going to shape up.


To be fair, the week ended better than it started.  Peedie Smiler came to visit and scattered cuteness wherever she was.



and the local town of Stromness had a festive shopping day offering mulled wine and treats.  Stromness is very traditional in that the shops don’t open on a Sunday except for December so it was nice to wander around and enjoy a mooch.

IMG_2112 2

It’s been a slow news week.  I’m sorry, it’s life.


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