My Week in Pictures – Light in the Darkness

By the time we reach December, I am so used to driving to work in the dark and driving home in the dark that it feels strange to see the outside of my house in daylight.  Always on a Saturday at this time of year, I catch myself looking out the window and thinking how funny it is I can see outside.  I find much of December challenging and leaving me despondent.  The expectations of Christmas and needing to be, do, act, feel a certain way is all just too demanding.  BUT, if there’s one thing I love about December it’s the lights in the darkness.  So symbolic joyful.  Lights are beginning to pop up now and I enjoy seeing them as I drive too and fro in the pitch black.

St Magnus Cathedral has lights through the winter and not just December, which I love.


and no matter how dark the night, the dawn always breaks.

Dawn breaks into the dark.  Monday morning feels….

I have a birthday coming up and my family has no patience.  Orkney Beef gave me by a birthday present earlier in the week (because he wanted to use it)  and Miss Lashes gave me hers (because she wanted to play it)  Whatever, life is short and there’s no law to say you can’t have your presents super early.

We played the game on Friday evening and laughed until we cried.  We only intended a quick round but ended up playing for three hours straight and honestly my stomach hurt for laughing.  One of the funniest things is seeing Orkney Beef laugh, it’s often funnier than the amusing thing itself.  And Friday night really was hysterical.  The game is called ‘What do you Meme’ and to try and explain it would be too difficult.  Take my word for it,  I couldn’t speak for laughing and laughter really is the best medicine.  We have a friend coming over this evening to play again and I imagine there will be lots of laughs to come.  So it’s only a quick round up this week, because sometimes life is just like that.  But I hope in the coming week you find much to laugh about and many lights in the darkness.

beach woman sunrise silhouette
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