A Nativity Story

whilst all other girls were angels and one even made the dizzy heights of Mary, Miss Lashes and another little girl were made to be shepherds and wear painted on beards and tea towels over the head. (pictured below) Blonde haired little girls floated around in white sheets with tinsel coat hanger halos, but Miss Lashes could only look on with a broken heart. … More A Nativity Story

Empty Nest Syndrome

Four years ago to the day we returned from having driven Miss Lashes to her new abode. She had left home and was postponing her gap year to go and volunteer with Soul Survivor church in Watford, with something called Soul 61. As much as I love Orkney, driving from here to London was an epic undertaking. … More Empty Nest Syndrome

Throwback Thursday: Moving to Orkney

As mum was recovering from her operation dad leaned over and said ‘Sarah says she’s not going to Orkney any more’ I remember standing at the end of the bed looking at mum, and she had an oxygen tube attached to her nose as well as drips and drains every where. She’d had a large part of her bowl removed and was due to start chemo soon after. She turned her head to look at me and simply said ‘you’re going’ … More Throwback Thursday: Moving to Orkney

Throwback Thursday: DIY Fancy Dress

The whole thing cost next to nothing and yet some 40 years later I can still picture it and how happy I was to be wearing it. I was clearly rather partial to swanning about like royalty because one Christmas I was given a princess dressing up outfit which was blue 24 carrot nylon with a pink sash and a crown. To this very day I can picture myself opening that gift and thinking it was the most amazing, incredible present Father Christmas could ever deliver. … More Throwback Thursday: DIY Fancy Dress