A step in the right direction

My dog thinks all her birthday and Christmases have come at once.  This week I’ve been taking part in a step challenge with my colleagues in aid of Sport Relief.   We are working in teams to see which team can walk the most steps in a week, and I definitely need to increase my step. Also I don’t want to let my team down so I’m taking every opportunity to walk more and of course the dog happily gets to come too.

It was a beautiful spring morning; misty and cold but with bright sunshine and some great  opportunities to whip out my phone for some pics.

There are few people about at 7.00am which is a mercy because I make no fashion statements in my high viz jacket.  If my daughter was here she would probably test the theory that it’s actually possible to die of embarrassment. But it’s warm and I can be seen……………………from space.




After a day at work where there isn’t always opportunity to be on my feet as much as I’d like, I arrived home and told the dog it was walkies time again  before it got too dark. She never misses an opportunity and rarely runs out of steam.  Orkney Beef does a lot of running and always maintains the dog does three times the distance he does as she runs on ahead then runs back constantly through the duration of the run.  Oh for her energy!

I love living where I do and the never tire of the views around me. Even at dusk I love to see the changing skylines and it’s always special to see my house silhouetted against such a lovely back drop.


While I’m nowhere near some of my brilliant colleagues efforts, I’m managing to increase my step count.  It was 13k by 7.00pm and there’s still time to cram a few more steps in yet. I think the increased step count has really had an effect.  I took a photo this morning and without a shadow of a doubt my normally short sturdy legs are looking thinner and even longer. 😉

Until the next time and thank you for reading.






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