April Fool

‘There are two ducks sitting outside the hen house this morning’

It’s April 1st and I was determined not to be fooled by him today. So when he woke me up with that news I was ready for him.

‘Yeah right, didn’t the ostrich eat them?’ ‘were they next to the swan?’ ‘photos or it didn’t happen?’

Of course he went off and pulled a stock photo of a duck from the internet and I returned with an internet ostrich picture and on it went. He still tried to convince me there really was two ducks sitting outside the hen house and even tried to bet me £10.  We have a joint bank account so how does that work? Duh.

Eventually it was time to get up and go and collect the eggs and let the hens out.  Orkney Beef came with me while I protested that that there was no way did I believe there were ducks there and I was no fool  blah blah.Well what do you know?  I arrive to see two ducks sitting outside the hen house.







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