2000 Acres of Sky

I’ve had a last minute topic change for the blog tonight.  I was planning on writing on how I can’t understand my own husband most of the time due to his strong accent and also about my love of the Orcadian language.  However I wanted to share with you some photos of the stunning clouds I took at various points on my way home from work this evening.

The skies are ever changing in Orkney and the weather very diverse from one part of the island to the next.  For instance you can have snow in one place and just a few miles down the road glorious sunshine. The sunsets are amazing and anyone with a good camera could get some awesome pictures.  I just pull over and whip my phone out to take pics with my camera but even they look great (in my humble opinion)

One of my guilty pleasures over winter is to watch the boxed set of 2000 Acres of Sky. It was a TV series where a young family move to the Western Isles from London and start a new life on a small island.  It was great Sunday evening viewing and while Orkney mainland isn’t quite so small it’s good to draw some comparisons and have my own 2000 acres of sky to enjoy.  Something I haven’t tired of after nearly 8 years and I’m unlikely to yet.

Until the next time and thank you for reading

Sunshine and rain filled clouds.

Clouds 4

On the horizon here you can see Skaill House which overlooks Skara Brae a 5000 year old neolithic village just a couple of miles from my home. If you come to Orkney for a holiday it’s fascinating and well worth a look.

Clouds 2

Clouds 1

Clouds 3



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