My Week in Pictures

It’s been a week of much socialising with one thing or another.  On Monday I had 9 people over for food and good conversation including two little girls. I announced pudding choices saying ‘There’s ice cream or buns’

‘What I’d really like is both’ a little girl, clearly voicing the inner dialogue of every bulge battling woman and man across the land.

We then had lunch out with another group of friends.  I shared a pudding with my pal  Sporty-cus as a token gesture of trying not to over do it. As we joked about the constant effort to try and lose weight v eating and socialising, I ended up crying with laughter as nicknames of Pork from Ork and Porquoy were banded around.  Laughter is great therapy.



Thursday evening was a fancy dress party with hospital theme to raise money for Macmillan in Orkney.  A fun-filled evening and really good effort on the dressing up front.  Orkney Beef went as a patient and made a drip  nip stand with whisky in the drip. There were doctors, nurses, surgeons, a bunch of grapes, and much more.

As I sit here typing it is ‘blowing a hoolie’ as they say up here.  Strong winds means the boats are looking unlikely to go tomorrow as seas are rough and stuff is currently blowing around the garden.  However yesterday morning was a totally different story.  I had to be up at 5am to drop Tech Support off at the boat for a trip away with the church youth group.  As much as I’m not a morning person the weather was beautiful and the views stunning.

Stromness at 6am as the boat turns to leave
Leaving Stromness
One of many Orkney lighthouses and often a sight for seals
The hills of Hoy with fluffy clouds

Unfortunately due to hideous aforementioned weather I’ve given up on trying to add a short video clip of a stunning view, as the internet seems to be on the blink.  The best I can hope for is to get this uploaded at all and try again tomorrow.  Island life has its joys…..

Have a great week everyone.




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