Always Proofread

Apparently some of the first copies of J.K. Rowling’s book The Philosopher’s Stone has a rare typo in it, and could stand to collect over to £20,000 among collectors. My typos are not currently worth as much. If they were, I’d be minted by now and giving J.K. Rowling a serious run for her money.  Better still … More Always Proofread

Throwback Thursday: Moving to Orkney

As mum was recovering from her operation dad leaned over and said ‘Sarah says she’s not going to Orkney any more’ I remember standing at the end of the bed looking at mum, and she had an oxygen tube attached to her nose as well as drips and drains every where. She’d had a large part of her bowl removed and was due to start chemo soon after. She turned her head to look at me and simply said ‘you’re going’ … More Throwback Thursday: Moving to Orkney

Cullen Skink

I’m no Nigella, that much is obvious. In fact it’s turning into the worst online recipe ever as it’s pretty much guess work. But if you’re fairly intuitive and can cope with my slapdash approach to soup making then read on. … More Cullen Skink

My Week in Pictures

It’s been a week of much socialising with one thing or another.  On Monday I had 9 people over for food and good conversation including two little girls. I announced pudding choices saying ‘There’s ice cream or buns’ ‘What I’d really like is both’ a little girl, clearly voicing the inner dialogue of every bulge battling … More My Week in Pictures

Throwback Thursday: DIY Fancy Dress

The whole thing cost next to nothing and yet some 40 years later I can still picture it and how happy I was to be wearing it. I was clearly rather partial to swanning about like royalty because one Christmas I was given a princess dressing up outfit which was blue 24 carrot nylon with a pink sash and a crown. To this very day I can picture myself opening that gift and thinking it was the most amazing, incredible present Father Christmas could ever deliver. … More Throwback Thursday: DIY Fancy Dress