My Week in Pictures

Weather Weary

Once a year, for about half an hour, I get so sick of the weather and constant wind that I think I want to jack it all in, pack up and move.  It quickly passes, but for that time it’s very real.  I guess it’s the runner’s equivalent of hitting the wall.  If I can push through, I can go on to finish the race. In this case the race being until the end of Winter.  We live in a beautiful part of Orkney.  It’s all beautiful but we live quite high up with incredible views, but there’s not much shelter.  So when a windy day arrives and the boats are cancelled, and we have stuff blowing in the garden that needs securing, and the shed door needs rescuing before it completely comes off its hinges, and it’s freezing, and you can hardly stand up never mind secure a shed door, and Orkney Beef is away with work for a few days; well you’re going to get fed up aren’t you?  So you send him text messages like ‘I’m sick to death of living here’ because it’s somehow all his fault that we live where I chose, and on the whole it makes me feel better……

By the time he called, my grumpiness had passed.  All flying objects had been secured and I was now inside with the fire lit and no intention of stepping outside the door again that day. But the dog wasn’t happy Orkney Beef had gone and lay about visibly depressed that her master had deserted her and giving me dirty looks all day for not going in his place. OB soon returned and order was restored both with the weather and the pecking order of who is top dog in the house.  Let’s just say Orkney Beef usually greets the dog first on his arrival home from work.

I cheered up when I saw these hardly little flowers appear in my garden though.  They grow in the fiercest of winds and lift my spirits at the tail end of winter to see them from my kitchen window. I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called but I know someone will tell me almost as soon as I post this.  It’s on the tip of my tongue but I seem to have reached a certain age where one thought automatically deletes all previous ones, so there’s not a chance of me recalling the name of it tonight.

FullSizeRender 28.jpg


Birthdays, Balloons and Tiaras

Several of my family have had birthdays recently. I had an opportunity to practise my flower arranging making a living card for mum.  I love flowers and think you can never have too many of them.  I recently joined a flower club and have loved learning tricks of the trade when working with flowers.  Many of the ladies there have been going for 40 years or so and are happy to help me along.  It’s a really relaxing time for a few hours a month and a chance to get in touch with my creative side because Lord knows I can’t paint!


A living card

I also faced timed my super sweet niece in America on her 21st birthday.  When I said I was going to take a photo for MWIP she said ‘let me get my balloon and tiara’  This girl will go far… Happy Birthday Becca Boo.


Birthday girl Becca

Obligatory Sunrise Photo

The sun is now rising earlier than me so I’m not catching the sun rises as often as I did.  It looks like I’ll be moving into sunset photos soon.  My friend, however was on the early boat to Westray on Saturday and took this beauty.


FullSizeRender 26.jpg
Sunrise taken by Ruth Hagan

White Horses and Rough Seas

Due to the winds this week the sea has been pretty rough.  It’s mesmerizing to look at but I’m so glad I don’t have to take the boat in this weather.  This is the Bay of Skaill close to where I live.  The first view is the one from my sitting room and regular dog walk.  The second I got out of the car and took a quick snap before getting blown over.  There are some spectacular wave pictures on various local Facebook where photographers often brave the winds and weathers to get the best shots.


IMG_4989 2.JPG
Bay of Skaill 


White seas at the beach

Photo Splash

I’ve been playing around with an app that lets you take a black and white photo and add a hint of colour.  It’s slightly addictive and here are a few of my favourite people (and animals) Miss Lashes, before you tell me you’re not in these, I tried to do one of you but your lipstick was too tricky for a novice and ended up looking like you’d put it on in the dark with a shaky hand, so you should actually thank me for not adding you in. 😉


FullSizeRender 29.jpg
Orkney Beef and Peedie Meatball at the beach


FullSizeRender 30.jpg
Tech Support tapping out a beat in church


Hope the dog maximizing cuteness to try and get away with begging for food at the table.  







I have an exciting trip away next weekend to visit Miss Lashes and have afternoon tea for Mother’s Day.  Looking forward to a bit of time off work and away to the big city.  I shall report back.  Have a great week everyone.




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