It’s been the most beautiful spring day in Orkney.  I enjoyed a walk in the sunshine and the dog’s tail wagged like a metronome the whole way.  I breathed in the clean air and the only sound was the sea and the distant rumble of the odd car.  I’ve done this walk many times, it’s so familiar to me. I love it and feel an instant sense of calm and peace. In the tranquility and silence I felt a million miles away from what is happening in London just now.  My heart is heavy at yet another attack on the safety of people and the thought of little children waking up this morning to no daddy or mummy.

Just a couple of miles from my walk I see this, and it reminded me of a quote written on the white board of Tower Hill station this morning which I came across earlier.  ‘The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all’


This flower doesn’t give up at the brick wall, it continues to push through.  It always makes me smile to see such courage and persistence.

I may be miles away now but I’ve visited London many, many times both for work and pleasure. I stand with the people of London.  I am so grateful for the bravery of our police force, ambulance service, and all those involved in the aftermath of the attack.  I am greatly encouraged to see people pulling together to support those who yesterday were strangers, and now will never be forgotten.  We never know how brave we can be until we are put to the test. London was tested yesterday, and it’s full of brave people carrying on.

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4 thoughts on “#Londonisopen

  1. We stand for London, we stand for those harmed in senseless and violent attacks like this, we stand for the children and families left grieving, we stand for people who will be victimised because of attacks like these and we stand for peace and respect for life.

    Great post as always


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