The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

A week ago I was out for dinner with Orkney Beef and he told me his favourite thing about me was my sense of humour.  I told him my favourite thing about him was his kindness.  We didn’t venture onto the murky territory of our least favourite things about each other as it could have resulted in a fight, but I happen to know without asking that his least favourite thing about me is my untidiness. Generally, his huffing and puffing and body language says it all.  I can be prone to be being messy – it’s the sign of a creative mind so don’t judge me ya neat freaks.


To be honest, my untidiness is my least favourite thing about myself too so I hate attention being drawn to it and I don’t need telling. If you’re messy and ok with it that’s fine.  If you’re messy and not ok with it that’s not fine. I fall into the not fine category. I’ve read endless books on decluttering and tidying, I know the drill, I’ve just always been overwhelmed by it.  I watch all the TV shows where people’s houses get transformed and then I’m motivated to give it a go but don’t know where to start.   Don’t get me wrong, my house isn’t like something off Hoarders, but it does sometimes resemble something off an imaginary episode of ‘full-time working woman, with not enough time, energy and motivation to tidy up after being out of the house for 12 hours’

Recently I borrowed the E book of

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing By Marie Kondo.

I ran out of time to read it (typical) so ordered it again and waited patiently for it to become available then borrowed it a second time.  (Even my time is cluttered)

One of the things the author talks about is decluttering things in groups rather than rooms, because we tend to have the same things in several rooms. For instance, clothes, books, bags (even hairbrushes in my case) and until we have it all together we can’t assess the volume of the problem.  For some reason, this was an absolute game changer for me and is the key thing I remember from the book.

With Orkney Beef away for a few days I had a golden opportunity to give the house an overhaul and I’ve done just that.  It got infinitely worse before it got better but I took a day off work and devoted the last couple days to getting sorted, getting rid and getting ready.  Having the house to myself meant I could just get on with it without having to worry about what it looked like in the organizing stage, and complete with carrier bags and colour coded pens I do believe I’ve broken the back of it!

Orkney Beef returns tomorrow night.  He usually notices change by my telling him. For example ‘I’ve lost weight, can you tell?’ ‘yes’ ‘I’ve had my hair cut/coloured can you tell?’ ‘yes’ 

I’m not sure my tidying up is life-changing yet but I’m hoping he’ll at the very least be able to tell. Watch this space….




8 thoughts on “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  1. I purge every 3 to 4 months. Love it. Makes me feel full of purpose and ready to tackle things. I am sure OB will notice and you will feel like a million pounds with the weight I am sure you have loat and the clean house.


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