My Week In Pictures – Wind, Frost, Knitting and Nests

This photo came up in my facebook memories this week so it must have been a beautiful misty morning, the kind I love.  Not so right now sadly.  The wind is howling, travel is disrupted the fire is lit and I’m already dreading setting foot outside the door tomorrow.  Never mind.  Here’s the prize we could have won.


A friend of mine posted this beautiful image the other day.  Frost on a dandelion. It took me right back to frosty mornings from my life in England and isn’t something we really get much in Orkney.  I think it’s a tad warmer and the maybe the salty air reduces the hard frosts and need to scrape the care with the edge of a cassette box (people below the age 40  have no idea what I’m going on about)


Seeing this frosty image made me miss those kinds of magical mornings.  It soon passes but there are a few things I miss.  Frosty mornings, Autumn trees and blossom not as much as I would miss the sea if I didn’t live near it.  Anyway, thanks to @Buckers2016 for the use of this lovely image.

The weather is being traditionally grumpy right now but earlier in the week it was a gorgeous Autumn day and all was calm and bright.  I can guarantee those boats would be bobbing around like crazy right now. Some people like the wind but I can’t think why.


Many, many, many years ago I started knitting a jumper. I was about 14 and I loved the jumper, but got skunnered (fed up) with it and gave up. I’m not very good at knitting and not very patient either.  It must have ended up in the loft somewhere or in the bottom of The Mothership’s knitting bag because earlier this year it made a reappearance some 35 years after its abandonment.  The Mothership decided she was going to rescue me and finish it.  Yesterday she handed me the completed jersey and told me what a nightmare it was to finish.  The problem is, aged 14 I was half the size I am now so can no longer wear it – even if it came back into fashion –  but I’m going to keep it as it may go on record as the longest knitting project ever and will serve as a reminder as one of the many times The Mothership has had to rescue me. Coincidently, yesterday I was in the middle of knitting another blue jumper (bigger) and it’s the most basic pattern ever and probably the first thing I’ve ever knitted since the unfinished fiasco.  I ran into trouble and needed back up so handed it over to The Mothership and she had it sorted in seconds.  We all have our giftings and it’s clear neither knitting, nor finishing craft projects are mine.

Thanks Mothership

Orkney Beef is going away for a few days so I have the house to myself for a week.  On his return, he’s bringing Miss Lashes with him who is coming home for a while.  The empty nest is filling back up again and my mother duties will be returning.  Once a mum always a mum.  The Mothership has passed on the mantle.

Have a good week everyone.  It’s been a quiet news week, I guess that’s a good thing!


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