My Week In Pictures – I’m Back!

Imagine being paid to dance around in sparkly shoes and sing all the songs to ABBA.  Imagine! 

last night I saw people living what I quickly discovered was my dream job.  An Abba tribute band had come to Orkney for a night and I’d bought tickets months before.  After devoting my childhood to singing ABBA songs with a hairbrush for a mic, I couldn’t wait to find my moment to shine. I must admit by the time the evening came round, the now middle-aged introvert in me secretly wished it could be canceled because of the weather or something. But it went ahead and I absolutely LOVED it and danced the whole night.

There were Super Troupers


Dancing Queens


and a fantastic evening of singing, dancing, sparkle and sturdy tights for the older ABBA performers who’ve been at it for some time now. Impressive.


It was a great evening and I hope they come back.  There was a great effort from people to dress up.  I wasn’t one of them and seeing one poor woman take a right lander* I was reminded that alcohol and platforms don’t mix.



*lander Orcadian for falling over and smacking the floor hard!

My Monday to Friday has a routine that sees me leaving the house at 6.30am and heading to the gym.  Then from gym to work, work to home almost 12 hours after I leave the house, followed by make the tea, throw some laundry in the machine, remember to take the laundry back out the machine before it goes foosty, try to stay awake before bed, and finally bed, where I try to fall asleep without spending an hour over thinking everything. Patient friends get squeezed into lunch breaks with speed talking.  It’s life on the hamster’s wheel. But the silver lining in my super busy life is I continue to catch sun rises like this.




and sunsets too


and sometimes in my job I get to travel to other islands which means a boat ride and a chance for a few minutes solitude while I wait for my transport.


Saturdays end up being the only free day I have and often a chance to catch up on household chores. An indoorsy kind of day due to the weather but today made up for it.  Lovely Autumn days, perfect for walking the dog to the groomers for her haircut and bath.  I can’t help sniffing her once she’s done. Here she is en route, blissfully unaware.


My guilty pleasure ‘The Apprentice’ started back on TV recently.  It’s an absolute cringe fest but I still find it entertaining.  However, there’s one thing I’ve noticed more and more not only in this series is that people are constantly starting conversations with ‘so’.  It seems to have superseded ‘like’ and is infinitely more irritating.  Once you hear it you can’t un-hear it.  Even Lord Sugar himself throw a ‘so’ in at the start of his sentence. Dear everybody.  Please stop it.


Anyway, its good to be back.  I hope you’re all doing ok.  Thank you SO much for all the really lovely messages about my mum.  She’s doing ok too.  I saw this on Facebook today and don’t know who to credit to, but thought it was rather lovely.

Have a great week everyone.  Until next time….

IMG_1544 2


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