My (last few) Week(s) in Pictures

A few weeks ago I told you I was taking a little blog break for family reasons Love Conquers All and I have to start by gradual return by telling you that your messages, emails and text messages etc were such a boost to me.  Even now a few weeks on, people from across the globe message me to see how I’m doing.  It’s so utterly heartwarming when good people do good things.  Someone from Twitter sent me a card and peedie gift and when I opened the card and saw my beloved snowdrops on the front I nearly cried.  It was so touching to know people I’ve never even met care so much.  So thank you.



I can’t promise I’m back for good, life is still hectic and I’ve no regrets from pulling back from so many commitments but right here, right now, I have the time and emotional energy to give you a little round up of life in Orkney.  (The energy is probably from the fact I’m well rested due to laying down on the bed for ten minutes this afternoon and waking up two hours later.  I think I’m half human half dormouse or something.)

Life has been deliberately quieter but I did manage a trip to the moon.  The SkyranMOON was in Orkney for a few weeks and a spectacular sight.  It took my breath away when I walked in the room and saw this giant moon suspended in the air.  If it comes to a town near you then I would highly recommend you go and visit.  Pictures don’t do it justice but here’s one anyway.


Today all is calm but for quite a number of days it’s been pretty windy.  This weather was combined with a trip to Westray, one of the north isles and gave me an opportunity to exercise my right to whinge about the boat as usual.  Anyone who is a keen follower of the blog will know the drill.  I start watching the weather report days ahead, expecting Orkney Beef to be completely telepathic and know exactly how the boat ride is going to be, and generally complain and fret for days.  BY the time Friday arrived I had taken the maximum dose of anti-sickness tablets and as usual was absolutely fine. We all have our weirdness.  Don’t judge me.  Confessions of a Sea Sick Drama Queen (and a long suffering husband)

It was worth all the fretting though because Westray was fabulous and good for the soul.  A girls weekend away was enormous fun and on Saturday a lull in the windy weather meant we woke up to this amazing view.


Westray is one of the loveliest isles in Orkney, known as Queen of the Isles.  There are three shops that sell absolutely everything you could ever want and I can confirm there’s a working phone box which holds at least four of us provided we left all our bags outside.

60f0666b-c9c9-4498-85ea-6241f464c004 2
It was sunny!


A wonderful and relaxing pass time is shell seeking on the beach.  Orkney has a shell known as a groatie buckie.  It’s the wee cowrie shell in the bottom of my hand that looks like a toothy smile here in the picture.  They are harder to find than many of the other shells and it can be quite relaxing to search.


I must confess, I’ve been known to throw groatie buckies away before now, but in Orkney that’s sacrilege so I’m very sorry and from now on I promise to keep them.

One thing about writing regularly is it makes me stay present.  I’m always looking for those little moments that we would normally take for granted and try to capture them.  It’s not always easy to capture a moment but today I pulled over to photograph swans on the loch and later on, after my sleeping beauty moment I saw a double rainbow so grabbed my phone and ran out of the house in the rain to grab it before it disappeared.  Every day is filled with beautiful moments, here are two of them from mine. You’re welcome.

Skaill Loch with swans

IMG_1340 2


Yesterday I met a lovely couple who I’ve been in touch with via Twitter.  I ‘met’ them virtually when Kath started reading the blog.  She once sent me irises to plant in Orkney soil and we message each other and keep in touch.  They are up holidaying at the moment and got a chance to say hello for real.  I didn’t take pictures but send them a big thank you for an afternoon well spent.

And finally, if you are this lady mentioned in this text, who’s somebodies mum who knows Ally and your son spoke to my son at church this morning blah blah, a big thank you.  You have exceptional taste. 😉


I hope you’re all doing fine yourselves, have a great week. Enjoy the moments!


6 thoughts on “My (last few) Week(s) in Pictures

  1. Good afternoon Sarah, I have been watching the series Coastal Detectives, about coastal archeology. For those of us who live on the other side of the world, could you share with us some of your most favorite Orkney coastal history stories and photos? Thanks so much, Annie

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  2. Missed your blog. Glad you found a moment to write. Can’t wave at you from my back garden over the sea any more. We settled in Blairgowrie 2 weeks ago and I wake up every morning to birds in huge trees outside my window. I feel very lucky to be here! Hope to see you and Roy again when you venture onto the mainland

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