My Year In Pictures -A 2018 Round Up

One of the great things about writing this blog is having a record of my life like a diary I  can look back on.  So even if no one else reads it, I still have it.  The pending New year is often a time for reflection for many people and I love to look back over the year and remind myself of what I’ve been up to.  I don’t believe in good years and bad years.  I think every time and season has its happy times and difficulties.  But I do, like the rest of us I guess, stand at the eve of a New Year with renewed hope.  (and regularly vow to eat more healthy, drink more water blah blah blah)

So here’s a look back on some of the past ramblings of 2018!

My son, known on here as Tech Support has a big year.  He passed his theory test in January on his 7th attempt, proving that persistence pays off.


He went on to pass his practical driving test first time with an incredible story of how the test car went on fire just a couple of hours before his test and he was thrown right in at the deep end.  Read it here A Short (True) Story About A Boy  and once he passed, I discovered there was nothing more frightening than a son who can now drive and a mother who has to let him.

Letting him go was a key part of this year and I know I had many of you in tears when I wrote about the last time he held my hand in The Empty(ing) Nest and when I sent him out into the big wide world in My Week In Pictures – Being OK.  Be warned, based on comments from many people, you may need tissues at the ready.

First and last day of school

It wasn’t all tears.  He settled in really well away from home and Miss Lashes rejoined us for a few weeks but both have now gone back life is returning to our new normal but it was really lovely to all be back together for a few days – (even if Orkney Beef sabotaged our game by effectively cheating when we played Ticket To Ride)

Although life sometimes feels like a non-stop merry go round of busy, busy, busy, I’ve managed to stop and smell the roses along the way, or in my case the snowdrops, my favourite flower of all.  A real sign of hope after a long winter. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows along with my snowdrop passion I also have an obsession with the light, beauty, seascape and skylines of Orkney in all weathers.  Here are a few of my favourite photos taken this year.

Photo by Ingrid Budge
Our local beach
View from my bedroom window

As always, the year was spent with fabulous friends.  Lots of laughs along the way and I am full of appreciation for the beautiful people in my life.  I even got chance to meet some blog followers, Kath and her husband and Nicola and hers. (congratulations on your new baby!) and had a lovely card from Emma recently which I really appreciate.  I have heard from many of you via email, comments and messages.  It’s good to hear from all of you and I appreciate every single one of you who keeps in touch and enjoys reading. Here’s to another year of fun and friendship.







I read 35 books this year and reading on the beach after work became a new and most enjoyable pass time and way to relax.  Most memorable (and without a doubt the highest number of swear words, be warned) and the funniest was This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay.  I just wish I could write like these people. I’m always open to suggestions on what to read next so send them my way. I hope to read 49 books this year as part of my 49 things to do before I’m 50.  Nothing like a ton of self-inflicted pressure to achieve at the beginning of the year is there?


As the sun sets on another year, we approach it with a ‘new normal’ in our family as The Mothership has been experiencing some short-term memory problems which seemed to arrive pretty quickly.  As I said before, I want to devote as much time to supporting my parents in this more challenging time for them – and as an act of pure devotion I will be going on holiday with them in March.  Yes, sitting by the pool reading books and all you can eat breakfasts is all in the name of supporting my parents and showing them what a good daughter I really am.  You’re welcome parents! 😀

So thanks for your dedication to reading, keeping in touch, laughing with me, drying my tears and generally putting up with me. I wish you a very happy New year when it comes and may 2019 be filled with many happy memories and good hair days.

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4 thoughts on “My Year In Pictures -A 2018 Round Up

  1. An honor to have met you and Roy this year. Truly the highlight of our time in CaithNess. Thanks for your blog as always but particularly this year. Giving me a good chuckle and good read when I needed it most. Here’s to 2019…


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