I’m in a podcast!

A few weeks ago I was a guest on the podcast for the lovely Karen of the SwimWildPodcast.  I discovered that I have a great face for podcasts, a great voice for writing and I can say the word ‘just’ more times in one hour 6 minutes than you can say in a lifetime.  If it sets your teeth on edge, then fear not, it set mine on edge a lot more.  If you can listen past the million justs, please click on the link below and have a listen or Subscribe to Karen’s podcast and listen on the move because there’s a lot of good stuff in there about my favourite pass time.  It makes up for the lack of My Week In Pictures this week because I was away.

HUGE thank you to Karen who hosted me and put up with me speaking non-stop for an hour.  I can do hard things, but I can’t stop talking it seems!

just, just, just enjoy!




2 thoughts on “I’m in a podcast!

  1. That was absolutely super Sarah! It was lovely to hear you talking about your sea swimming journey. I was originally going to count the “just’s” 😂 but honestly I didn’t notice them. Neither you or the host spoke about “wild swimming”. Is that only something you only do in lakes and rivers? Having only ever heard short snippets of your voice online before, I’m amazed how much you sound like our friend Jo Neasner (Jo Philby). Perhaps it’s the Orkney air. Do you sing too? 😀

    It will be nice to meet up. Tish and I will be working at the Ness of Brodgar throughout the second half of July (in the Finds Hut) so do feel free to drop by if passing during the week. We might have a small shindig as well at our Finstown holiday let with people like Hayley & George, Sian, etc. xx


    1. That’s lovely of you to say Nigel thank you! Yes I sing too but not nearly as much as I used to…… I think wild swimming is just swimming outdoors. I tend to refer to is as sea swimming but I think it’s all the same thing to be honest. I might be wrong. To visit the dig is on my 49 for 49 list. We will definitely meet up! Sarah x

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