Your views and my thank-you’s

I continue to be so grateful to all of you for reading this blog and giving such wonderful feedback, whether it’s commenting on here, emailing or speaking to me in person or on the phone.  I value all your support and after 5 weeks blogging I was both delighted and humbled with stats counts of over 4300.  To explain this briefly it’s the number of times someone has loaded or reloaded a page, which counts as a hit.  I also get to see how many times a post has been shared to Facebook which is great. For example this recent chicken and egg blog post here  was shared a cracking 82 times.  (pun intended) All these things serve to encourage me to keep going.

I also had a productive meeting with a kind lady this week who has read one of my short stories. It was my first ever competition entry and I won second prize. She was one of the short listing judges and didn’t know I had written it as they judge blind. She has encouraged me to keep going and to try and get some smaller things published which all helps if you’re wanting to get a book out. I would love to! So this blog is part of my work in the hope of one day achieving that as well as a discipline for  me to keep writing and added bonus of keeping you lovely readers entertained.

I wanted to share with you a picture I took from my garden earlier in the week.  If you look at the horizon you can see the mountains of mainland Scotland,  on a clear day they are visible and I find that very special.  I continue to be in awe of the views right on my doorstep,  it makes all the winter days worthwhile.

View from home

In other news, either the hens have upped their game or Orkney Beef has (although I’m told Miss Lashes came up with the idea this time) Maybe tomorrow there will be a golden egg or at least scrambled egg on toast with some smoked salmon and a bottle of prosecco.


Until the next time and thanks again for reading.



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