My Week in Pictures

It’s the end of a busy week.  One day I’ll be a stay at home paid writer but alas not yet so I’ve had little time to write but I managed to capture a few moments through the week.

Wednesday saw some incredible skies and made the walk down the road to collect the recycling boxes far more doable.

Red sky at night

Last autumn I planted Allium bulbs and they have been successful in flowering. I really love them so will plant more this autumn.  One snapped off in the wind so it was a good excuse to take it in and put it in a vase.  Gardening is a win some lose some I’m learning, but this was a win.


A highlight of the week was crossing the 20,000 views mark.  I so appreciate people’s interest in the blog and I’m really enjoying doing it.  I’ve had loads of encouraging messages and remarks when people bump into me in the street or shop.  It’s a real boost and after six months I still haven’t managed to run out of things to say.  Those that know me can’t imagine I ever could. 😉


Hoping you all have a great week.  Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing blog posts.  It’s been a very enjoyable six months and here’s to more.


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