Sponsored H2Only Update: The Struggle is Real!

Regular followers of the blog will know that I have embarked on a sponsored H2Only to raise money for the RNLI. Basically I can eat normally but any drink for ten days can be only water.  No morning cuppas, hot chocolates, fizzy drinks, juice etc.   A big thank you to those of you who have already  donated and I thought you might like a peedie update.

It’s actually much harder than I thought it was going to be.  So far I……

  • Started on Monday going great guns, then on Monday night I received an ‘are you ready to start the ten-day water challenge tomorrow? email’  WHAT??? TOMORROW!?
  • Checked paperwork and yes, discovered I started a day early.*visualise The Scream picture and insert here*
  • Contemplated having a gin to console myself.  
  • Reminded myself how lucky I am that I even have fresh water to drink.
  • Ditched the gin idea and decide to just forge ahead bravely do an 11 day H2Only not a 10.
  • Now pine for cups of tea regularly through the day
  • Several times I’ve nearly poured myself a glass of juice, made a hot chocolate, boiled the kettle then remembered it’s all currently off limits.
  • Read the H2Only forum of other people’s whinging and ask myself what they have to complain about as I’ve been going A WHOLE EXTRA DAY.
  • Momentarily thought no one would know if I had a sneaky cuppa and considered it.
  • Got on my own nerves that I have such a conscience that I can’t do it. So pour myself another glass of freshly drawn water from the tap. Yum
  • Look at my favourite snowdrop mug longingly.
  • Check the calendar several hundred times a day to see if 23rd September is with us any sooner. (It’s not)

So I’m almost at the end of my 3rd day and still smiling.  Look how big my smile is! (Behind the mask I’m secretly dying)

If you can spare the price of a cup of coffee to support the RNLI then please click on my Just Giving page and donate or throw it at me when you see me crying into my empty favourite snowdrop mug.

Just Giving for RNLI


FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Still smiling.  10 million missed cuppas to go…..


FullSizeRender 3 copy
My empty favourite snowdrop mug.  For reference. 





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