The Bumps and Bruises of Life

I had to take Tech Support for an X-Ray on his hand today following  a rugby accident at school. No big deal about that, all was fine thankfully, but it reminded me of the many  times I’ve been before.  With two children, it’s difficult not to spend times trooping back and fore to A&E over the years.  Take for example the time Miss Lashes decided to do a handstand over the back of the couch and hit a wooden chair which was sitting next to it.  I was upstairs at the time and it sounded like a rocket went off in the sitting room.  I rushed down to find a very pale Miss Lashes, aged about 7 or 8, sitting on the floor saying ‘it really hurts mum’  Off we go, to A&E, wait the obligatory 4 + hours of a city hospital and come back home again with thankfully nothing too serious.

Then there was the time Tech Support came a cropper with someone’s shoe whilst on a bouncy castle at a Christmas party. He was kicked in the face, all be it accidentally and came home with two black eyes, mild concussion, no school Christmas dinner the next day and an ice pack.

On the subject of concussion, I’m now reminded of when Miss Lashes was challenged to walk across the edge of a top bunk bed aged 4. and she fell and hit her head. She should’ve been sleeping but how could she turn down such a dare?  The poor babysitter…. So back we go to another A&E whilst trying to keep her awake until she was seen.

The one time I didn’t take Tech Support to the hospital was when he bent his finger right back while catching a ball.  He said how much it hurt and I said ‘oh it’ll probably be alright’  The next day it was worse and then I had the parental walk of shame into the A&E  where staff asked ‘why didn’t you bring him yesterday?’ mortifying. And while we’re on the subject, Miss Lashes came round from an operation once saying ‘I TOLD you it was my appendix’ It’s a long story perhaps best left untold. But haven’t we all at some point spooned Calpol into the mouth of a child and sent them on their merry way, only to get a phone call from school to say they’ve thrown up pink medicine within minutes of arriving?

The list goes on of trips back and forth to doctors and hospitals over the years with minor ailments and incidents. Not to mention some very serious ones like Miss Lashes nut allergy;  but all’s well that ends well today and Tech Support only has a bruise and swelling. I remain continually thankful for the NHS in the UK and the fact we have access to such services to carry us through the bumps and bruises of life.


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