My Week in Pictures

September skies continue to be amazing in Orkney.  Apart from one day there was thick fog, it has been really lovely weather.  I’m addicted to taking photos of the sky at the moment and I make no apology for it.  I took this one from drive as I left for work on Monday.

The sky as seen from my drive.

The evening sky was equally stunning, reminding me time and time again how lucky I am to live in Orkney.

The sky from my garden


Even the foggy days have their compensations

Misty morning in Orkney

On Tuesday I went to my first ever flower arranging class and I absolutely LOVED it.  It was heartwarming to see women, (some in their 80s and 90s!) wanting to teach the younger women. It is also heartwarming at 46 to be one of the younger women!

As I arrived I couldn’t resist this photo of Stromness.  A beautiful fishing town steeped in history and character. If I had one superpower it would be to travel back in time to see Stromness 100 years ago. Houses are close together, alleyways quirky and most of it still cobbled.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg
Calm waters of Stromness

I was stuck in traffic this week but better than city traffic by a country mile.


A traffic jam in Orkney


It’s harvest time and the weather is ideal for it.  Everywhere you drive in Orkney you can see fields with bales reminding us of the changing seasons and our need to be thankful for all that the earth produces.

Harvest time





Saturday night I had a lovely evening at the beach near my house walking the dog and collecting driftwood.  We are in the middle of decorating hell and Orkney Beef is sanding, sanding, sanding so it was nice to get away for a bit of solitude to watch the waves and gather my thoughts.






Collecting driftwood at Skaill


Have a great week everyone, I hope it’s full of beautiful things.



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