My Week in Pictures

Storm Doris

A couple of years ago storms didn’t have names, they were just storms.  Now they have names and seem more dramatic. This week saw the arrival of Storm Doris, and I live in such an exposed area I could barely stand up to get to the car.  The waves were incredible and I came across these spectacular photos on a local Facebook page and asked the photographer Alan Flett if I could use them.  He kindly agreed.  They were taken at Birsay just a few miles from my home. It goes without saying that all boats were canceled that day.


Photo credit Alan Flett


Signs of Spring

I always think at this time of year that there’s a battle between Winter and Spring. There are definite signs of spring in the air as we see the first buds of new life on bushes and trees, and spring flowers are beginning to make an appearance. However, the sun can quickly turn to rain as I discovered yesterday when I was caught in the mother of all showers.  (When Pride Comes Before a Fall ) A seasoned expert told me to carry waterproofs until June.  I guess in Orkney you get 9 months of bad weather and then it’s winter. However, always the optimist, I will continue to enjoy the signs of spring, but I did make sure I went walking properly clothed in full waterproof gear this morning.



As proof I’m still out walking before work and of course because I never tire of them, here are this week’s obligatory sunrise pictures.  You’re welcome.


Sunrise in Orkney



FullSizeRender 20.jpg
Sunrise over disused houses


The one that got away

Orkney is packed with wildlife, birds and sea animals.  This week, as usual, I have seen pheasants, hares, rabbits, seals and even a spectacular herring gull whilst out and about. Some of these would’ve made brilliant photos if I’m quick enough off the mark. I would’ve loved a picture of the herring gull, but when I pulled over the car to take a picture of it, the gull got wise and flew away.

When I drive to work I drive past a loch and often see seals laying on the rocks maybe catching a glimpse of some sun.  As often happens when I try to photograph them, they disappear into the water. This afternoon, however, I managed to catch a couple of them by sneaking up in stealth mode. They aren’t the best of photos but proof at least something of this story wasn’t the one that got away.


Seals at Stenness Loch

On the subject of wildlife, I have needed to slow down many times in Orkney to allow chickens to cross the road (this is no joke), also sheep and even kye (cows) being moved from field to field.  Rabbits and hares are a regular occurrence, however, in spite of seeing these signs for many years in Orkney, I am yet to see an otter crossing.  If I do, you’ll be the first to know.


FullSizeRender 22.jpg
Why did the otter cross the road?


Meeting Strangers off the Internet

Last night we had the loveliest of evenings meeting old friends and new.  Our mutual connection was made through discussing Strictly Come Dancing on a weekly basis over the internet. Most of them I knew in real life, but Tanya sitting next to me I had only ‘met’ on Facebook discussing dance moves and dresses. I wouldn’t normally recommend meeting strange people off the internet (and some are as strange as they come 😉 ) but we all had a great evening with lots of laughs. The food was exquisite and if you go to Lucano’s in Orkney, I recommend the squid.  It really was the best I’ve ever tasted.


Great food and great company

Have a great week everyone and thanks as always for your continued support and encouragement.  Sarah.




5 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. Er, Storm Doris didn’t come through Orkney. It was much further south with the northern edge bring snow across Scotland as far north as around Aviemore. What we had was a different low pressure system which wasn’t “named” because it didn’t affect England.


  2. Great images, the waves are impressive. Don’t complain, Sarah, at least you got already signs of spring. Was almost able to wave down to you a few hours back, but my plane passed a tad too far North of Orkney, but I got to see the Shetlands (put the photo in my last post). Maybe next time. Have a great week! Marcus


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