My (late) Week in Pictures

(No) thanks to appalling broadband this week I was unable to upload my regular week in pictures on Sunday evening.  Today I’ve finally managed to get it going so here’s the news which is now SO last week.

The Bit Where It Never Gets Dark

Midsummer is here and in Orkney it never gets dark in the month of June. Driving home late one evening I took a minor detour to Yesnaby. A popular beauty spot with dramatic cliffs, sea stacks, and breathtaking scenery.  People take incredible photos but I’m afraid when I went vaguely near the edge I felt physically sick and retreated pretty quickly.  All I ended up taking a photo of was an arty look stone cairn that someone else built and a building that looked like a surprised face.  I’m sorry.




A disused look out is surprised to see the sun setting.

North, South, East, West

I’ve mentioned before about my love of rainbows.  Orkney Beef was leaving for work and sent me the following message and included is my reply.

FullSizeRender 52.jpg
anyone? anyone?

These kinds of mini conversations are common in this house.  Orkney Beef being a former fisherman always talks about direction in terms of compass points whereas I always say this way, that, way, over there or at the end of the house.  He can tell which direction the wind is blowing just by listening the way it hits the house. I still have a 10 second delay where I say a little poem in my head to work out where compass points are in relation to each other.  Don’t judge me.  Here’s a nice rainbow I’m reliably told was to the South…….

IMG_6205 2.JPG

A Weekend in Westray

Every year at midsummer our church decants to another island for a weekend.  This year we went to Westray for a couple of days and had an absolutely brilliant time.  There was much laughter from the minute we set foot on the boat.  Having to be at the boat for 7am was a struggle but we all did it and the capers started straight away.

Let the selfie fest commence

Even the wet weather didn’t wipe the smile off our faces….

soaking wet and still smiling

and we were chuffed to find a working phone box in Westray.  Rare!


The late evening took us on a drive out to some local cliffs to see a well known puffin sight. In my nine years in Orkney I’ve never had such a good sighting, there were loads.  Here’s a photo of me trying to get close enough to photograph one.

IMG_6383 2

and the result

One of many puffins

They are really quite tame and happy to pose for a picture


and of course, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the sunset



We were staying in a hostel, and as Orkney Beef couldn’t come I was rooming with a friend of mine. Considering I’m used to sleeping next to a snoring hairy man I considered this quite an upgrade and couldn’t wait to tell my husband.

FullSizeRender 51

She’s not as hairy as OB but snoring?  There may have been a moment or two.  DJ Snorz. It was great fun rooming with you for a night and having the giggles. 😀

At the end of a great weekend we headed home tired but happy and folk still wanting in on the selfie action.

IMG_6329 2

So that’s my quick round up and hopefully there will be no more broadband malfunctions in the future  Have a great rest of the week everyone and thanks for the continued support.


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