My Week in Pictures

If I had a pound for every time I wrote on this blog about the ever changing skies in Orkney, I could afford to put that new bathroom in I’ve been dreaming about for yonks. However, I’m about to do it again and I’m not even sorry.  If you’re bored you can look away but I think you would regret it.

I came across these two pictures on someone’s Facebook/Instagram account. She lives in Orkney and goes by the name ‘GirlabootOrkney’ if you want to track her down on Insta. (You can also track me down on there as Norq From Ork and follow me for more Orkney pics and observation on life).  Anyway, I fell in love with these two images taken one day apart and when I asked for permission to use them on the blog it was granted straight away and she said she was flattered to be asked.  So I was flattered that she was flattered etc etc.


IMG_8380 2
Girl Aboot Orkney


Girl Aboot Orkney

and here’s one from the archives I took this time last year.  There was an incredible Northern Lights this week but sadly too cloudy for me to see.  But that doesn’t stop the skies lighting up vibrant pink at sunset.


Sunset in Orkney

This has to be my favourite time of year for misty mornings too and it makes the early starts easier to manage.




People from Stromness will be familiar with this sign. There are many dotted around the fishing town showing the history of the old buildings there.  This one always reminds me that no matter how bad my day has been, there’s always someone who’s had it worse…..


FullSizeRender 29

We had a power cut the other evening and as a result I discovered two things.

  1. Nothing makes a teenager emerge from his bedroom quicker than the sudden death of the wifi.
  2. With no TV, or aforementioned Wifi we have to talk to each other, and my husband chose to go to bed at 8.30pm so I guess I must be really boring.
These lucky people could keep watching TV

Poor Miss Lashes ate cake this week and ended up in hospital.  I’ve written before That she has a serious nut allergy. May contain nuts but she’s not been in hospital for over a year.  I had a phone call from her other half (NotPhil) to say she was in hospital and it’s truly horrible to feel so far away.  However, thanks to EpiPens and NHS she bounced back and was allowed home a few hours later. She wants it known that the Star Wars geek (bag) is not her….

I couldn’t finish today without marking World Suicide Prevention Day.  Septemeber 10th is the day people all over the world promote suicide awareness and think about those whose black dog visited them just one time too many.  For me I have a lump in my throat as I think about my brother who died nearly 9 years ago. There is help available, Orkney Beef is on this poster with helpline numbers if you need support.  (For reference, he’s holding the word no) Please reach out if you need help.  The other is a photo of my brother Simon.  We miss him. x



Life is all ups and downs, here’s hoping your week has many ups.


6 thoughts on “My Week in Pictures

  1. I have to say I am enjoying the differences in the mornings and evening’s. I loved your blog as always today. Hope Miss L is over her little bout at the NHS. Wish someone would hurry up and offer you a book deal. Keep writing. Much love from Ness


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