My Week In Pictures – Keep Moving Forwards

There’s a new me emerging.  It feels painstakingly slow but it’s definitely permanent and people are beginning to comment on a regular basis which for me, makes it all worthwhile.  It all started when I decided to go swimming The Struggle of a Wannabe Mermaid last August.  I quickly got the swimming bug and before long I had swum the English Channel (sort of) I’ve Swum The English Channel! This year I’m doing a 100 miles in a year challenge and I’m well on target to achieve this.  But I also decided to try and new exercise class just to mix things up a bit.  On my way into swimming, I would regularly see a group of exhausted-looking red-faced people leaving their spin class.  (Cycling on static bikes for those who aren’t in the know and think I mean just turning round) For many months I never once thought I would be one of those exhausted-looking, red-faced people as I’m simply not as good, fit, motivated, determined etc etc as them.  Until one day about 4 or 5 weeks ago something in me changed and I thought I might give it a go. I booked a class and instantly regretted it.  There was no way I could keep up with the others, I’d look a fool, I might die in the class which would be awkward and so on and so on. However, cancelling at the last minute would mean paying and I’m too tight-fisted and once in there, I knew shame would keep me going to the bitter end.  I made a point of whining to the class instructor who was full of encouragement and I found a bike right at the back, away from the mirrors (yee gads!) and near the fan.  Admittedly I could barely walk afterwards but I went back and now manage to go twice a week and dare I say really enjoy it! I am now one of the red-faced, exhausted looking people in my own right! My reward is to swim afterwards.  On the scales I’m getting heavier but clothes and appearance wise I think I’m shrinking and I’m absolutely delighted about it so here’s a picture of another person I can only aspire to be me limbering up. 😉


Something else is changing.  Due to the increased bonnier days and sunshine, people seem happier, walk taller, smile at each other, remark on the weather.  We are daring to believe the long, long, LONG winter is finally over.  Days are getting longer, ever so slightly warmer, increased opportunity to put the washing on the line ala The Joy of Pegging Out I had forgotten what spring looked like.  In case you had too, it looks a little like this. You’re welcome.




There aren’t many trees in Orkney so blossom isn’t a thing we really see and it’s one thing I very much miss from my previous life in England, especially as I had a huge cherry blossom tree right outside my front door.  A beach, vast ocean, and miles of sky makes up for it though.


The dog loves spring too, she gets longer walks and more and more opportunity to go to the beach.  She goes utterly crazy and as soon as we say the word beach starts trembling with sheer excitement.  Here she is in utopia.


Skaill beach, happy dog with ball.


Peedie Meatball is getting bigger, celebrating a sixth birthday this week.  My son was staggered that she’s that old now giving him a taste of what it’s like to be me. All I do is be amazed at how old children are on their birthdays, it’s adulthood summed up.  Anyway, happy birthday miss not-so-Peedie Meatball.

It’s the end of another busy week, I’m heading into the next busy one and so it goes on.  It’s 6815 days until I can retire…… I just checked.  Unless I come into some money of course and then I can retire early, crochet, read books, write books, and finish the gardening, decorating and housework. I’d happily settle for that.  Have a great week everyone.


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