Questions for my dog


Questions for my dog.

  1. When visitors arrive why do you always race me to the door assuming they’ve come to visit you?
  2. You love being taken for a walk, and especially being allowed off the lead, so why do you insist on getting right under my feet so I nearly trip up and die.  Could you not?
  3. How do you manage to lose every single ball you ever own.  We  think it’s now somewhere in the region of 50-60 (per year)
  4. You’re 4 years old now and if my calculations are correct you’ve eaten 1504 meals.  How to you manage to stay so excited about the same handful of dog biscuits day in day out?
  5. You are not allowed on the bed. Can you hand on heart say you never sneak on there when we aren’t looking?
  6. You’re denying it.  Therefore can you give account for the paw prints found on my clean sheets recently?
  7. Do you realise we light the fire for our benefit and not simply for your daily comfort?
  8. When Orkney Beef gets in from work and greets you first with all the fuss, and then looks over to ask me what’s for tea, do you feel as pleased with yourself as you look?
  9. Did you know that in spite of how it may seem, I’m above you in the pecking order not below and Orkney Beef is married to me no matter how much you stick to his side like glue?
  10.  Do you have any idea how much joy you have brought to this family with your hilarious character, excellent nature, funny antics, trainable ways and daily expressions?  Do you?  Thank you Hope.  We love you.



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