My Year in Pictures

January 28th 2016 I decided to start a blog as a practice and discipline to make me write on a regular basis.  I had no real idea  which direction it would take, how often I would write, who, if any, would read it, and how long it would last.

Just under a year later and I’m delighted to have reached well over 46,000  views and met (via email and messages) so many readers from all over the world, as well as being reacquainted with friends and colleagues from my former time in Cambridge. This project has really enriched my life and thanks to the wonderfully kind and encouraging comments from strangers who introduce themselves, to friends near and far, it has in some small way enriched yours too.  Shall I keep going?  I think so.

Over the year I have waxed lyrical about my love for the islands of Orkney and the views which I am lucky enough to wake up to. Many of the views taken have been from standing in my own garden or just a short walk or drive away.  I’ve shared with you many aspects of interesting weathers, sunrises and sunsets and even the northern lights which I’m lucky enough to see from my front door. Here are just a few pictures of 2016 which capture the beauty, variety and essence of Orkney.  All taken by me with an iPhone unless stated otherwise.


Misty morning view from my bedroom window



My local beach the Bay of Skaill



Many, many sunsets


Northern Lights Photo by Elliot Brookfield
A 4am photo taken by Roy Norquoy

Stories of my new chickens seemed to dominate the early part of the year.  I think it was here, in the early stages of the blog where I discovered I had a voice that could make people laugh.  If you missed out or even if you fancy a chuckle at my chicken/egg misfortune then here are a few of them to read again.

Golden eggs

The world’s most expensive egg

Keeping chickens and dogs.

March was the first anniversary of Orkney Beef’s critical illness.  This post was one of the most read in the whole blog.  Much as I don’t want to dwell on it, I remain continually thankful for his survival and the love and care given to him by so many.

A year ago today


Orkney Beef in March 2015

I missed out on J.K Rowling coming to visit my place of work.  Most people have missed out on that but mine was official.

The day J.K. Rowling came to visit.


View from the library 

Here are a few of the best of the rest

When the kids leave home

Questions for my dog

A 1970s childhood


Hunt the thimble
From my 1970’s childhood blog.


I’ve laughed with friends and cried with friends and I consider myself hugely privileged to have so many incredible people in my life.  I’ve made new friendships and continued with old ones.  Life, as always, has come with its ups and downs. But writing about it has been great fun and seeing your response has been overwhelming and many people are asking for the book.  I’m on it guys, just trying to balance work, life, and family into the melting pot as well as look for a publisher or consider self-publishing in which case look for the funds.  Either way, I have really enjoyed blogging, hearing from you all and telling you tales of my long suffering husband Orkney Beef.  It’s him I have to thank time and time again for his patience and support.

Lessons in cutting the grass

The struggle is real

How to load a dishwasher

Dishwasher part 2. Your questions answered.

So as we all step forward into a new year I hope I continue to embrace it and take all of life’s bumps and bruises, tears and smiles.  Through all of it, I hope to keep making you laugh and sharing my love of life in Orkney.  I may not be quite over the hill but it’s a great view from the top!


Happy New year to all of you.  Have a great 2017 everyone!







8 thoughts on “My Year in Pictures

    1. Hello Bob! It was a present to me from a friend. I think she had it made at the literary gift company and online shop. I absolutely love it though. Thank you for my Ecard. And much love for a happy new year! X


  1. And a very blessed one to you and yours Sarah, you have carved a very special place in our hearts! Hope to meet up with you in 2017!


      1. I loooove it! That and the matching bag….love! I think it could well be a sign of things to come😉


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